Social problem situations are acted out and 

interrupted during Theater of the Oppressed

Introduction to 

Theater of Liberation

August 1-3, 2024

An interactive Applied Theater workshop to introduce local practitioners to tools that invite stories and explore solutions to community issues.

Facilitated by Marc Weinblatt from the 

Mandala Center for Change 

This is a unique training opportunity for local Eugene area people to learn the basics of Augusto Boal’s world renowned Theater of the Oppressed (T.O.) and Playback Theater from Marc Weinblatt, an internationally recognized leader who studied with Boal has worked with diverse communities ranging from police to homeless youth, grassroots organizers and laborers to University deans. Internationally, he has worked with activists in Norway, Holland, and Canada, youth workers in Guatemala, refugees in Azerbaijan, ex-combatants in Northern Ireland, construction workers in South Africa, slum families in India, community workers in the Republic of Congo, and victims of war in Afghanistan.

Playback Theater honors and serves the Teller’s real life story whereas T.O. includes personal stories as a springboard for the collective exploration. Both forms are interactive; both forms use physical imagery and improvisation; and both forms create a space for people to share stories, listen, heal and take action. They also are tremendous tools for movement-building around burning social justice issues.

No prior experience necessary though folks with prior experience with one or both forms could deepen their skills. The process includes community building, story sharing, and problem solving towards effective action. 

"We believe that people have the wisdom to figure out what they need; our process recognizes this wisdom and provides opportunities to share stories and rehearse concrete actions and possible solutions for real challenges." 

~ Mandala Center for Change

 This training is limited to 20 participants 

 and is a rare opportunity 

Tuition is $295 

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Daily Schedule: 9 AM to approximately 12:30 PM, resuming at 1:45 PM, closing at 5:30 PM.


 Donations in support of scholarships 

 gratefully accepted here! 

 (not tax-deductible, sorry!) 

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